PoP Pantries

Making Resources more Available and
more Accessible to Families in Need


How We Do It:

We identify the basic needs resources that gap families need, but often don’t have access to. We have found that these resources are foods, hygiene items, and household cleaning items.


We partner with food pantries, hygiene banks and other resources to get these resources to provide to families in need in Baltimore city.



We then build PoP Pantries and place them in community hot-spots like Community centers, Recreation Centers, Libraries and more to make sure that families can get to these FREE resources easily. All of our pantry sites are open at least 6 days a week and are also open before or after the 9-5 business day. This means that more families can get what they need, when they need it.



How to Use A PoP Pantry:



View our pantry types, locations and hours of operation. Remember to take a bag to collect any items you may need for this visit. Remember to complete an anonymous info card. This helps us to keep items free and learn better ways to meet the community’s needs.



Take only what you need for right now. Our pantries are re-filled once a week or once every two-weeks. If something comes up next week, feel free to visit your local PoP Pantry again. If you find that you are visiting the PoP Pantries often, give us a call 443-874-7660, we may have other resources to help you and your family.



Our Mantra is Take What You Need, Leave What You Can. If you have items that are new, unexpired and unopened that may be able to help a family, talk to the PoP Pantry Captain about donating these items to fill a pantry.