Our Beliefs

Our Mission

Families are the building blocks of communities.
Strong and stable families mean strong and stable communities.
Strong and stable communities provide the tools necessary for:
better education systems, better housing options,
more job opportunities and higher quality of living and equal access for all.

Parts of Peace is a (501c3) nonprofit with a mission to foster community cohesion by providing support services and programs that promote family stability and financial empowerment.

Our Community

Our work with Gap Families

Parts of Peace has been committed to the plight of Baltimore’s gap families since receiving fiscal sponsorship from Fusion Partnerships in 2015. Through our Families Matter program we provide short-term relief to families experiencing unexpected emergencies. Through our PoP Pantries program we make basic necessities like free food and hygiene items accessible with micro-pantries placed in highly accessible community hotspots.

Our Work in Park Heights

We’ve partnered with the Langston Hughes Community, Business & Resource Center to bring PoP Pantries to over 15 neighborhoods in the Park Heights area. This partnership allows us to serve 4x the number clients we would otherwise be able to serve.


Our Board

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President, Mariah Pratt Bonkowski
Vice President, Sheena Williams
Treasurer, Neshe Bond - Folefac
William Atkinson
Ashleigh Hughes
Frederick Curtis
Daria Baylis
Julius Maina
Samuel Storey
Shaylah Tate - Mickens