Our Programs

Parts of Peace's programs are specifically designed to use a 3-step approach to support families in Baltimore. Step 1 is to alleviate burdens, so that our clients can focus on what matters. Step 2 is educate clients about financial literary & building wealth. Our final step, step 3 is to motivate clients to reach their personal goals.



The Family Academy is a 6-month Family Stability program for gap families in Baltimore city. The program provides families with non-financial resources like groceries, personal hygiene supplies, and household cleaning supplies to reduce financial burdens throughout their time in the program and allow families to create an emergency savings fund. Families also attend workshops and receive case management and financial counseling that provides families with the tools, resources and support necessary to transition from temporary hardship to lasting independence.



COMING SOON: Moneywise is a program for high school aged youth and youth adults interested in learning about financial literary as it relates to attending college, trade school or vocational programs after high-school. The Moneywise curriculum covers important guidelines about FAFSA, student loans, grants, fellowships, tuition and  other associated costs.


The Families Matter program is dedicated to providing emergency assistance to local "gap families".  Emergency Assistance is offered for a one-time emergencies to families experiencing an unexpected crisis. Emergency assistance is provided for month in the form of non-financial resources like groceries, personal hygiene items, and household cleaning supplies as well as other items as available through donation. All families living in Baltimore city are eligible to apply for this assistance up to 1 time per year. There are no income requirements for the Emergency Assistance program at this time.