Our Programs

Our community programs are designed primarily to serve families in need in Baltimore city. Programs are specifically designed for gap families, or working-class families that earn too much to quality for benefits, but not enough to consistently make ends meet.


families matter

The Families Matter program provides support to individuals and families that are experiencing a one-time temporary emergency. These families are generally single individuals or single parents or families with one working parent. The program provides families with temporary support in the form of household necessities so that they can focus on the emergency at hand, rather than providing necessities for the household. Currently the only eligibility requirement is that families live in Baltimore city. Families can receive assistance for one month, once a year.


PoP Pantries

Through the PoP Pantries program, we place PoP Pantries in communities to increase food access to those in need. PoP Pantries are filled with non-perishable foods and hygiene products that are free to those in need. PoP Pantries are built with the help of the Station North Tool Library by Parts of Peace and community members. Pantries are then placed in communities or neighborhoods of need all around Baltimore city. All pantries are free to the public and filled with contributions from community members and food pantries. See “Get Involved“ to donate items.