Our Programs

Our community programs are designed primarily to low-income families and youth in Baltimore city and in applicable surrounding counties. Many of our programs are need based, however each program has components that are open to the public like our community workshops and events.


families matter

The Families Matter program provides support to individuals and families that are experiencing a one-time temporary emergency. These families are generally single individuals or single parents or families with one working parent. The program provides families with temporary support in the form of household necessities so that they can focus on the emergency at hand, rather than providing necessities for the household. Currently the only eligibility requirement is that families live in Baltimore city. Families can receive assistance for one month, once a year.


Family academy

The Family Academy is a 6-month family stability program.  The program is designed specifically for gap families or families that need resources (like food, hygiene products and many others but do not qualify for most forms of aid). The Family Academy combines individualized case management, financial counseling, peer support and a series of financial literacy and personal and professional development workshops. Throughout a family's time in the program Parts of Peace will provide household necessities to reduce household costs while families create an emergency savings.


Books 4 boys 

 The Books for Boys program is a boys’ reading and social club hosted in partnership with the Men & Families Center. Books 4 Boys is open to boys in grades 1-5 living in the Middle East neighborhood of Baltimore. Youth the program are paired with local role models and mentors for each session. The goal of the program is to increase youth literacy and comprehension while encouraging mentorship ans service. and  The 2018 Summer Session is hosted at Patterson Park library. All boys participating in the summer session will receive school supplies to start the new school year.