Our Mission

A nonprofit with a mission to foster community cohesion by providing support services and programs that promote family stability.


Our Beliefs

Families are the building blocks of communities.
Strong and stable families mean strong and stable communities.
Strong and stable communities provide the tools necessary for:
better education systems, better housing options,
more job opportunities and higher quality of living and equal access for all.

Community Cohesion

We define “community cohesion“ as a process of helping all people in Baltimore, specifically low-income minority families to realize a sense of belonging. Achieving community cohesion means that all families in Baltimore have similar life opportunities and qualities of life no matter their background, age, race or zip-code.

family stability

We define “family stability“ as a process of moving from a state of temporary instability to developing an individualized course of action that reaching lasting stability.


"Family is not important, family is everything"

— Michael J Fox


Our Team

director of programs & Board of Directors 

Below is a list and brief biographies of Parts of Peace's current board members. If you are interested in serving on our board, please visit our prospective board members page or email us at info@partsofpeace.org

Executive Board

Mariah Pratt-Bonkowski, Director of Programs


Mariah Pratt-Bonkowski founded Parts of Peace in 2015 and secured fiscal sponsorship for the organization through Fusion Partnerships in 2016. Mariah  is a graduate of Notre Dame of Maryland University and holds a Masters in Management from the University of Maryland.  Mariah is also an Americorp and Public Allies Alum. Mariah received a Warnock Social Innovation award for her work with the Families Matter Program. Mariah is currently pursuing a Masters in Social Work at the University of Maryland.


Leichelle Smith

Leichelle Smith is a health services worker dedicated to providing access to health services for those who need it. Leichelle has previously worked with Healthcare for the Homeless. Leichelle is passionate about community development and youth empowerment. Leichelle will also be the Program Manager for a program called Books for Boys, a young mens book club organized by Parts of Peace.  Leichelle is an Americorp and Public Allies Maryland alum. 




Ashleigh Hughes


Ashleigh Hughes is a graduate of Notre Dame of Maryland University. Ashleigh Hughes has a served as Notre Dame of Maryland's Vice Chairwoman of the Maryland Student Legislature. Ashleigh has also been involved with Parts of Peace for years and has contributed immensely to the organization's programming and structure.






Noah Sugarman

Noah (1).jpg

Noah Sugarman is a native of New York City. A recent graduate from the University of Baltimore, he works in investment banking in the heart of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Noah has experience working with Habitat for Humanity and he now hopes to strengthen the city’s many families. His hobbies include soccer, travelling and discovering Baltimore’s hidden restaurant gems.




Frederick Curtis


Frederick E. Curtis, II is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law, and a first year English and Social Studies teacher at ReNew SciTech Academy in New Orleans, Louisiana. His hobbies include reading/writing, weightlifting and watching his beloved Arsenal finish no higher than 2nd in the English Premier League.


William Atkinson


William Atkinson is an Americorp Alum and has served as Program Manager and Advocacy counselor at a homeless shelter in Baltimore, Maryland. Additionally, he continues to work diligently for those within the HIV community along with completing service projects for issues related to child abuse within the foster care system. Most recently William was awarded by Baltimore City's Youth Commission with the "We Are the Dream" Award.




Verlando Brown


Verlando Brown grew up in the heart of West Baltimore. Raised by a single mom and growing up in the inner city, his environment was filled with drugs, addiction, crime, poverty, and broken families. Verlando graduated with his Masters’ degree in Human Services Administration at the University of Baltimore. Verlando is the Founder of The First-Gen Baltimore Initiative, which advocates for providing support and resources to first-generation college students across Baltimore city.
He has also been featured and recognized on NBC for his story and work around the support of first-generation college students



Daria Baylis


Daria Bayis’s passion for social justice was first sparked while pursuing a B.A. in philosophy at Salisbury University. Her studies were mostly focused on ethics and morality which inspired her to act. Since graduating in 2014, she has worked to promote positive community change in Baltimore city by demonstrating creative ways to fight injustice. As a photographer, social media connoisseur, program manager, teacher, and mentor, Daria is always driven and compassionate. She is currently Paterson Park Public Carter School’s new Family Engagement Coordinator.




Sheena Williams


Sheena Williams is a native of Savannah, GA. She graduated from Georgia State University, where she earned a B.A. in African American Studies. Upon graduation, Sheena served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Eastern Caribbean. Following which she became a social worker for the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services. Sheena is a graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law, where she served as director of the Lawyer’s Campaign Against Hunger.

Advisory Board

Ghadeer Mansour
Neshe Bond-Folefac
Ruthly Francois

*Photos & bios for Advisory Board coming soon!