Our Mission

A nonprofit with a mission to foster community cohesion by providing support services and programs that promote family stability and financial empowerment.


Our Beliefs

Families are the building blocks of communities.
Strong and stable families mean strong and stable communities.
Strong and stable communities provide the tools necessary for:
better education systems, better housing options,
more job opportunities and higher quality of living and equal access for all.

Community Cohesion

We define “community cohesion“ as a process of helping all people in Baltimore, specifically low-income minority families to realize a sense of belonging. Achieving community cohesion means that all families in Baltimore have similar life opportunities and qualities of life no matter their background, age, race or zip-code.

family stability

We define “family stability“ as a process of moving from a state of temporary instability to developing an individualized course of action that reaching lasting stability.


"Family is not an important, family is everything"

— Michael J Fox


Our Team

Board of Directors 

Below is a list of Parts of Peace's current board members. If you are interested in serving on our board, please visit our prospective board members page or email us at info@partsofpeace.org

President, Mariah Pratt Bonkowski
Vice President, Sheena Williams
Treasurer, Neshe Bond - Folefac
Ashleigh Hughes
William Atkinson
Frederick Curtis
Daria Baylis
Samuel Storey
Julius Maina
Shaylah Tate - Mickens
Ruthly Francois
Ghadeer Mansour