We aim to move Baltimore’s families forward by helping to meet their basic needs as they transition from temporary instability to lasting independence.

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PoP Packages are delivered to each family’s doorstep through our Families Matter program


Our Beginning

Parts of Peace began their work when founder
Mariah Pratt Bonkowski realized an unmet need for families in Baltimore city. As a outreach coordinator and counselor, she realized that although many resources existed for those in need, resources were limited for families that earned too much to qualify for benefits (like food stamps or temporary cash assistance) but not enough to consistently make ends meet and support their families. Bonkowski started small, by just finding resources and connecting families to them. With a committed group of volunteers (many of which that became board members) the organization began to be a one-stop resource to families, providing basic necessities like food, hygiene and cleaning items, as well as case management and referrals that were delivered directly to families to combat barriers to access and transportation. Learn more about the Families Matter program here.


“Strong and stable families mean strong and stable communities”.

— mariah pratt bonkowski, FOUNDER


Parts of Peace's programs are specifically designed to use a 3-step approach to support families in Baltimore. Step 1 is to alleviate financial burdens, so that our clients can focus on what matters. Step 2 is educate clients about financial literary, professional development & professional mobility, building wealth and creating opportunities for youth. Our final step, step 3 is to motivate clients to reach their personal goals.


Our Mission

To foster community cohesion by providing support services and programs that promote family stability and financial empowerment.



Our PoP Pantries are almost 2x more accessible than traditional food pantries are the city. Learn how we made this possible.


Almost 70% of all clients served through our Families Matter program report that our assistance helped them to recover from an emergency.


Over 90% of clients using our PoP Pantries report that the pantries are a helpful and relevant resource in their neighborhood.


We’ve partnered with the Langston Hughes Community Business and Resource Center to bring more PoP Pantries to lower Park Heights. Check out our PoP Pantries page for a list of pantry locations, hours and contact information. You can also request a pantry for your neighborhood on the PoP Pantry page.

Learn more about Our Partner,
Langston Hughes Community Business & Resource Center →

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Our first PoP Pantry was placed at the Greenmount West Community Center.

Learn about other pantry types and locations on our PoP Pantries page.


Get Involved

Our work is 100% volunteer-powered. Without volunteer support, we would be unable to serve Baltimore’s gap families. Our volunteers help to build pantries, decorate pantries, check and sort inventory, assemble and deliver PoP Packages and more!

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