How to Get Assistance from Parts of Peace

First, decide what type of assistance is best for your family and your current situation. Emergencies can affect families in many different ways and often different families need different types of support to overcome emergencies and transition to lasting independence.

one time, non-recurring major emergency

one time, non-recurring minor emergency

ongoing family and financial challenges


PoP Pantries

PoP Pantries provides families with immediately accessible emergency relief, particularly in cases in which families are without food or hygiene items. Typically pantries are filled food items for breakfast and dinner and hygiene supplies like soap, toothpaste, feminine hygiene items and more. This program is best for families that are facing a minor emergency that does not happen often, and is unlikely to happen again in the near future. Click below for more information and pantry locations and procedures.


Families Matter

Families Matter provides families with rapid-response, direct-delivery support by providing families facing an emergency not generally covered by existing emergency assistance programs (we generally do not assist with BGE turn-off notices & eviction notices) by providing families with household necessities for 1-2 months as well as a resource packet to offset the household needs and allow families to reallocate funds to address the emergency at hand.


additional resources

Below is a list of additional resources that may be able to help your family:

  • United Way of Central Maryland, Family Stability Programs

  • Men & Families Center

  • Center for Urban Families

  • The Baltimore Dream Center